About Us

Welcome to ALXTRLNG. I am Alex Kidd, Owner, Founder, Designer, Creative Director, Web Designer, Maker, Packer, Shipper, etc. 

That being said, none of this is possible without the support of my loving wife Savannah.

Here, we believe in value and quality only achievable through sourcing the best real metals. After working with “Filled” gold materials for a small period it became clear that it would be more important to us to offer the real metals instead. Even if alloyed, it means we can be truly proud of our products and feel good about providing value and quality. 

After starting in the fall of 2018, it has been a lot of trial and error to get to a place where I feel really good about the quality and strength of my work. I will always work with any customer having any issue no matter what the return policy says.

In addition, we hope our pieces contribute to happiness and depending on the item, remind everyone that they are one of many, part of a whole, and sharing One World.

Join us on the journey @ALXTRLNG on ig and of course, right here. 

-Alex Kidd



Workshop Location

Rockville Maryland

We do not have a retail location yet but please contact us at ALXTRLNG@gmail.com to reach us.

Call or Text: 703-973-9448